You are NOT who you think you are

I’m not sure what does it – red-hot chili peppers, alpha waves from space, acid reflux – but occasionally I get these philosophical moments.  Fortunately, these moments don’t last long and I go back to the important matters of life – bitching and moaning.

What if you were born as someone else?  It’s not as far-fetched as you might think.  What if your mom and dad had never met and mated with someone else and produced offspring?  Who would you be?

What if your mom and dad met and mated but those little X and Y chromosomes assembled differently and you were born male instead of female or vice-versa?  Or if those DNA sets sauntered down a different path and you were born tall instead of short?  Heavy set instead of thin?  Homosexual instead of heterosexual (or vice-versa)?

If you have brothers or sisters, you can undertake a simple exercise the next time you are together by looking at your sibling and saying “Is that who I could have been?”  (usually followed by retching.)

I’m not asking you to imagine who you would want to be but how easily it could occur that you could be someone else today.

Dustin Hoffman  OR Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie

Hillary Swank  OR Hillary Swank as Brandon Teena

Stan Laurel  OR Oliver Hardy

Dr. Phil OR Dr. Ruth

The Donald  OR The Talking Mule

Rush Limbaugh  OR Godzilla

The possibilities are endless.  I now return to my regularly scheduled complaining.

10 thoughts on “You are NOT who you think you are

  1. You made my day by:

    1. Impressing me with your html “table” skills (don’t go and ruin this by saying it was easy, or, my WordPress template allows me to do tables with only one click, or, I cut and pasted it from you – although the latter is acceptable and flattering);
    2. Making me laugh by using the word “retching”.

    See you again soon?


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