Unusual Cars

These are spectacular photos, mostly from Europe, taken over 100 years ago.  Whoever created these strange cars must have definitely had an offbeat approach to engineering.

A curmudgeon would look good behind the wheel of any one of these vehicles.

Air bags?  Seat belts?  GPS?  HA!  I don’t think so.

They don’t make them like this anymore.

8 responses to “Unusual Cars

  1. allergysafecuisine

    I like the one sinking up to its gas cap in the water!

  2. Curmudgeon I loved your post. What a fabulous collection of photos this is. Some are really funny, others ingenious, all wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. My favorite is the person riding in the tire. That looks ridiculous! I want one.

  4. hahahaha! They’re all so attractive! Not sure they’d be very practical for these cold Chicago winters. I can’t picture myself going to pick up the groceries, especially in the giant wheel.

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