A Post on Fire Blogroll Contest

I interrupt my irregularly scheduled posts to announce that, for reasons I cannot quite explain, I decided to participate in a blogroll contest on A Clown on Fire.  Le Clown – or Magnificent Le Clown as he calls himself – created a very clever self-marketing campaign by asking readers to vie for inclusion in his blogroll.  One of the conditions was to write about Le Clown and to refer back to his blog.

Now, normally, I would not have given a rat’s patootie about such a contest and gone back to sleep but the sheer audacity – and brilliance – of this move of self-aggrandizement intrigued me.  Moreover, he’s on to something because he’s getting more views than ever as a result of his contest.

Hence, today’s post.

A Clown on Fire is off-the-wall funny, irreverent, clever, competitive, hyper-kinetic and worth the time to browse through.  He may also be loyal, brave, trustworthy and all those other boy scout virtues but he’s Canadian so he has to be whatever the Canadian equivalent is – a Royal Mounted Canadian Police kid or a Moose-boy or something like that.  He is also very open about his and his family’s issues – more so than I can ever be – but he does all of this under the guise of his alter ego – Le Clown.

Now I don’t have time and the skill to come up with a video or an animated flaming clown – Le Clown will provide that stuff anyway – but here is my request:

Visit the post on A Clown of Fire’s blogroll contest, scroll down to my entry (or just clik here) and vote for me by replying to my entry with the word “LIKE.”

With luck, I’ll stay awake long enough to see how the contest ends.

13 thoughts on “A Post on Fire Blogroll Contest

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  2. I commend you, CaL, for your attempt to provide a psychological profile for a man who would cause Freud to scratch his head and then maybe slit his wrists. This Canadian Moose-boy, that we know and love, cannot be contained, try as we will to categorize him or define him, his significant ego will always break the profile that binds him.

    I suspect when Le Clown reads this he’ll love it.

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