A Photo-Clown Finish

Once again, I interrupt my irregularly scheduled posts to announce that I am wickedly addicted to this blogroll contest on A Clown on Fire.  I used to be a normal, grouchy, half-baked crusty bastard who fondly remembers spending his weekends yelling at neighbors and spitting invectives at young kids and pets.

Now look what I’m reduced to:


How badly am I chained to this contest?  So much so that I have allowed Le Clown and his sidekicks to lure me into the final round of competition by asking that I put a photo on my blog linked back to Le Clown.

These lame adventures of a giraffe on rollers gives me no fear of weebles, but I still feel under the spell of a ringmistress.

What, pray tell, do I gain by “winning” this contest?  No less than an honored place on Le Clown’s blogroll!!

How much do I covet this spot?  The pictures tell it all:

Me without a spot on Le Clown’s blogroll:

Me with a place on Le Clown’s blogroll:

So visit his damned blog and wish me Godspeed, my friends, wish me Godspeed!

11 thoughts on “A Photo-Clown Finish

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  3. CaL,
    May I just say that you have been adored by all of us at A Clown on Fire? And this will only get you more love from us…
    1- 15 clown noses for this amazing post and first picture,
    2 – 10 clown noses for the animated gif and photoshop work.
    25 clown noses coming up… And this will be shared on my Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/AClownOnFire
    Good work, ol’chap!
    Le Clown

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