Le Clown – The Nuclear Option

Well, folks, this is it. It’s the last post that I will make in this eternal, nefarious, diabolical contest put on by A Clown on Fire.

Tomorrow, back to regular programming.

Today, one last desperate effort to retain points – my sanity is long gone – in this preposterous Promethean effort.

I am losing ground and have no choice but to go for it all – the nuclear option. I threatened to reveal webcams photos of Le Clown if necessary and since my “dare” in today’s Dare and Question contest went over like a screen door on a submarine, I am left with reckless measures. You asked for this, Le Clown:


It is finished! (…but I may have improved your love life.)

10 thoughts on “Le Clown – The Nuclear Option

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  2. C-a-L,
    Oh… What is that? That is not a Le Clown… That is Quest For Fire Le Clown… Or a Fabio Le Clown… Nonetheless, it is deliciously magnificent… Therefore I award you 20 clown noses… Was it worth it? I think not.
    Le Clown

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