Signs of Our Times

In an attempt to lighten up your day and also replace the image from my previous post that could sear the insides of your corneas, I found an article on weird signs ( ).

Here are my favorites with my captions:

You really can’t get there from here.

Warning sign at the entrance to the “Bovine Chucking” contest.

Instead of “Got milk?,” it’s “Got shafted?”

No comment.

11 thoughts on “Signs of Our Times

  1. One night about a year and a half ago I was hanging out with my friends in the East Village here in New York City when we noticed a walk/don’t walk sign reworked to look like a walk/middle finger sign.

  2. a) The first man is helping the second man hook up his trousers;
    b) They are playing pin the tail on the donkey;
    c) They are searching for “lost treasures;”
    d) They both have to bend over because they cannot stand up in the truck.

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