Occasional Caption – October 2012

Every now and then, I find a picture (or pair of pictures) that cries out for a caption.  I have created a category called Occasional Caption so that you can browse and comment to your heart’s content whenever you need to take a break or postpone that impending deadline.

I will be gone for a couple of days but, in the meantime, please supply a caption for the October 2012 pictures:



8 responses to “Occasional Caption – October 2012

  1. It turns out that you CAN bring your dirt bike with you during the Rapture.

  2. I can’t compete with this group of bloggers! Geeze, they’re a funny bunch.
    I’ll have to get back to you.
    By the way, don’t try and pull a Harper Faulkner, or I’ll hunt you down.

  3. First pic: “What a time to suffer a groin strain.”
    Second pic: “Did I remember to shut off the iron?”

  4. First pic: ET, alternate ending.

  5. Caption for the top pic: “I can see my house from here!” Caption for the bottom pic: “Anything you can do…”

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