More Signs of Our Times

More signs of our times:

And finally…


15 responses to “More Signs of Our Times

  1. Chaos Publishing

    Very cute!

  2. I like the Sign Not In Use one best, but they’re all keepers. I also love the bird sitting on top of the no-bird sign, especially because he’s in the exact same position as the bird in the sign.

  3. Those are great. I especially like the senior center signs. I’ll need those some day.

  4. The sign with the bird is especially puzzling. Is the sign supposed to warn people that this is a no seagull zone, seagulls will not be tolerated, leave your seagull at home, OR is it supposed to warn the seagulls that they’ve entered a no seagull zone and they should fly to another location? I’m thinking it’s the latter since they’ve used a picture. Everyone knows seagulls can’t read. It seems to be quite effective.

  5. I can’t decide whether I like the telemarketing office or the one with the bird better, but even if they’re photoshopped, they’re the product of an admirably twisted mind.

  6. C-a-L,
    I like that feature of yours. It is perfect for Le Clown’s short attention span.
    Le Clown

  7. I don’t care if some of these are photoshopped, I think they are hilarious. My favorite has to be the sharp edges sign. LOL! That one looks real to me, too.

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