Occasional Caption – December 2012

Every now and then, I find a picture that cries out for a caption.  I have a category called Occasional Caption so that you can browse and comment to your heart’s content whenever you need to take a break or postpone that impending deadline.

Please supply a caption for this picture:


Occasional Dec 2012


12 responses to “Occasional Caption – December 2012

  1. Milo felt like the Big Man on Campus for once when he hung around the mini golf course…

  2. Golf is the only “Mini” thing around here.

  3. “I will steal the breath from your body while you are sleeping.” That is one creepy gnome.

  4. Shouldn’t it be Gnome-Grown Golf? Then again, it’s your Gnome away from home.

  5. Dang mini-golf! I never get a hole-in-one on this elfing course!

  6. Instant heart attack if I pull back my shower curtain and find this guy standing there.

  7. Paul Bunyon’s illegitimate son, Winky, spotted in upstate New York.

  8. “One stomp of my pointy little shoe, and that car’s history.”

  9. “not” — lord, I hate fat thumbs!

  10. (((now “why” leave a caption — “why” the gnome?)))

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