Nautical Sense of Humor

A nautical sense of humor …


16 responses to “Nautical Sense of Humor

  1. “Breakin’ Wind” was my stripper name. Which probably explains why I never made any money stripping.

  2. These are great. “Piece of Ship” is named well.

  3. Great post … but I have to admit to experiencing a malapropism when I read the title – I saw “Naughty Sense of Humor” (and, so, was expecting something quite different)!

  4. I liked the naughty ones but I think the one I like best is Vitamin Sea.

  5. My friend, who had a boat, said it was a hole in the water that you put money in. His humour didn’t extend to giving his boat a funny name, though.

  6. LOL … good finds. 🙂

  7. Cirrhosis of the River. LOL. Was that my uncle’s boat? He died of cirrhosis of the river. Ah, brings back some memories.

  8. Facebooked this, Cur … soooo funny!

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