New But Not Improved


The Curmudgeon-at-Large site is currently under construction.

C-a-L will return shortly.  (Translation = C-a-L will return when he feels like it).

Proceed at your own risk.

Not suitable for children.   (Actually, not suitable for adults either).

This site has NOT been approved by the AA, AAA, AMA, ASPCA, CDC, DMV, EPA, FTC, IOC, NBA, NFL, Nuclear Facilities Safety Regulatory Commission, Order of the Maltese Cross, PETA, PTA, Union of Concerned Scientists, Zach’s Investment Research or anyone else for that matter.

17 responses to “New But Not Improved

  1. I really really missed your grouchy voice and am so glad that you are back!

  2. Good to see you back among the living … just in time for me to be swamped with a move.

  3. How very optimistic of you to assume that your blog won’t always be under construction. I made the same mistake, about 25,000 changes ago.

  4. Great to hear from you again, C-a-L. I’d been wondering if the protracted silence meant something quite awful. Or just sort of awful. Or maybe not awful at all!

  5. Happy to read that you are almost back…

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