Fallen Arches Redux

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I am on a short (several week) break.  In my absence, I direct your attention to Fallen Arches.

Fallen Arches is my silly effort at poking fun at romance novels.  Both Carrie Rubin and Diane Henders have been kind and big-hearted enough (and foolish enough) to allow me to take their novels and turn them into mincemeat with my perverted version of heart-throbbing and head-aching romance.  See The Minot Misery and Corned Beef on Spy, respectively.  Madame Weebles‘ post on Search Terms: WTF Edition and Alex Trebek inspired me to write a parody entitled Double Jeopardy.

[As an aside, I do note that no one has asked me to do this a second time.]

Other vain and misdirected efforts include an envious vampire, a lonely housewife, and a would-be gangster.  I have sought out every genre from dinner parties to detectives to outer space to mystical transformations. I have written them based upon search terms and multiple choice: No theme is beyond my ability to reduce it to crappy pulp.  They are all listed under “Romance Novel?” in the Types of Gripes.

But, as you know, I’m not original and I am always looking for material.  If any of you wish to have your novels, journals or articles reduced to mushy, illogical, sentimental rubbish, then please send me your ideas and I will ruin them post-haste (or whenever I feel like it).

When I return, I will give your comments the attention they deserve.  In the meantime, you can waste your time and waste away your brain perusing through the chapters of  Writing the romance_fallen copy.

12 thoughts on “Fallen Arches Redux

  1. Thanks for the trip down the Fallen Arches memory lane – it was fun to revisit Corned Beef On Spy! It still makes me laugh… and tempts to me write a Walter Mitty-type character into my own novels. If I ever do, I’ll name him Cal in your honour. 😉

    (Thanks for the mention, too!)

  2. Ha! I had forgotten about those parodies but it was sure fun to revisit. You are such a card. Enjoy your break. I’m just getting off mine. A one-month break turned into almost six months.

  3. I’d say you could use E.L. James’s 50 shades books to parody, but they might already by “mushy, illogical, sentimental rubbish.” 😉

    Thanks for the mention. I loved “The Minot Misery,” especially considering I was born in Minot, North Dakota, and you didn’t even know that when you wrote it. Spoooooky.

    Enjoy your break!

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