Adorable Puppy Photos


I am doing what any proud parent would do and subjecting you to a set of photos showing off our newest addition.  [See Beware of Dog!]  All of the photos are taken in “adorable puppy mode.”  “Psycho-puppy mode” occurs at speeds faster than light and are not photographable.

The puppy has not yet been allowed to sleep with us.  I stress the “yet.”  My wife tells me that when that happens she will find me a good home through the Curmudgeon Rescue Centers of America.


puppy17 puppy11
 puppy13  puppy16
 puppy14  puppy15
 puppy1  puppy4
 puppy12  puppy3

30 responses to “Adorable Puppy Photos

  1. That is one adorable pooch indeed! What a cutie! But if he started humping my leg for attention, that would rate a few demerits.

  2. She is a cutie! I remember when my pup had his ftl “pscyho-pup” moments! I couldn’t help laughing (which doesn’t help with discipline) but he has grown up to be a great dog!

  3. Oh my. Such cute cuteness and adorable adorableness! 🙂

  4. Uh-oh. I hope the Curmudgeon Rescue Centers of America have some good homes available, ’cause at that level of cuteness your nights in your own bed are numbered.

  5. So cute!
    I think I know someone who’d like to be friends –

  6. Aw… definitely adorable!

  7. That “Adorable Puppy Mode” setting works very well on your camera.

  8. I can’t imagine this dog being psycho! … Photos a treat!

  9. You better watch out–he’s so adorable he might wipe some of that grumpiness right out of you!

  10. Puppies are so adorable when they belong to someone else! (I say that as a confirmed dog lover and mother of a 14 month only occasional psycho dog.)

  11. Adorable! I don’t know…sharing cute puppy pics doesn’t sound very curmudgeon-ly…may undermine your curmudgeon status 🙂

  12. Yours looks like the daughter of our Yorkie, so much in fact that I had to go to his room (yes, he has a room) and make sure Winston was still here!

    What you need to do is get yours a room of her own and then (perhaps) you can stay. Stay! Stay! 😀

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