Pluto Redux



I had written an earlier post – The Demise of Pluto – lamenting its reduction in status to that of dwarf planet or plutoid.  In 2006, the International Astronomical Union demoted Pluto to its new status and we were left with eight rather than nine planets.  In my (humble) opinion, this is a clear travesty of justice.  The recent NASA New Horizons flyby mission and subsequent gathering of data have reinforced my efforts to return Pluto to its rightful place in our solar system.

With a nod to David Letterman and List of X, I have ten reasons to elevate Pluto back to planethood:

1.  Pluto has 5 moons – Charon, Kerberos, Styx, Nix and Hydra. Hey, that’s five times the number that Earth has. Mars only has two and Venus and Mercury have none. Plus the fact is that several of the moons can be mistaken for cosmological forms of Netsuke. Shown below, the one on the left is Nix or penis without testicles and the one on the right is Hydra or squatting doggie.


2.  There have been no Donald Trump sightings on Pluto. [As an aside, The Donald is opposed to reinstating Pluto to planet status because he feels that many other undocumented dwarf planets would ask for planet status thus depriving the existing planets of their livelihoods. “I like my planets big and full of gas” said The Donald. “Those other things out there aren’t real planets.”]

3.  It is completely virgin territory, unscathed by war, pestilence, plague, terrorism and other acts of inhumanity. In other words, it is an ideal spot for humans to start war, pestilence, plague, terrorism and other acts of inhumanity.

4.  Even though it took the New Horizons space probe ten years to get from Earth to Pluto, when any of the above acts occur, news media will still report upon it live in seconds.

5.  It will provide innumerable job opportunities for land developers, exotic travel specialists, food franchisers (anyone for a Pluto dog?), doomsayers, soothsayers, creationists, revisionists, recidivists, spelunkers, debunkers, bikers, hikers, criers, liars, hair dyers, pied pipers, psychics, people of Area 51, people of Walmart, people in the witness protection program, planet-to-planet salesmen and – least of all – mimes.

6.  You won’t have to revise those sayings which you memorized to remember the order of the planets: Man Very Early Makes Jars Stand Up Nearly Perpendicular or My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets.

7.  It’s a good place to park your in-laws. By the time they come back for a return visit, you’ll be dead.

8.  The use of dwarf planet is demeaning and degrading. The preferred term is volumetrically challenged.

9.  Restoration of Pluto to full planet status will increase the likelihood of the removal of the anal probing station placed there by aliens shortly after Pluto’s demotion to dwarf planet.  The station will return where it rightfully belongs – Uranus.

10.  Hundreds of organizations – from the U.S. Congress and the United Nations to the Triskaidekaphobia Illuminatus Society and the Astrology Club – can take credit for the rightful restoration of Pluto without costing any of them a dime.  It’s a win-win.

Once again, I ask you to join me in the effort to restore Pluto to planethood!



16 thoughts on “Pluto Redux

  1. Are you quite certain that is really a photo of Hydra? It seems to more closely resemble a stain for which then-President Clinton got into much trouble. And it being in the general neighborhood as Uranus doesn’t help.

  2. #9: Aaaaargh! But then again, no discussion is complete until you’ve mentioned Uranus.

    If I may make a suggestion: since The Donald is clearly a plutocrat, shouldn’t he be repatriated to Pluto…?

  3. Before they reduced Pluto’s standing, did they consider if, just maybe, Pluto might retaliate by petitioning the Union of Better Worlds to demote Earth to a place not to be visited ever again since it is polluted with biological life? Could happen.

  4. An original poem on the subject:

    Poor Pluto, whirling in its tilted orbit,
    Is now demoted, status forfeit.
    Sharing fate in the debate
    With little asteroids and Charon.

    What’s the difference in a name, I say?
    Space hasn’t changed in any way.
    It’s only we who can’t agree
    And mostly astronomers a’carin’.

    Jim Wheeler

  5. Reducing Pluto to non-planetoid status totally undermined the way we used to teach students about our solar system (i.e., the mnemonic: My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets => Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto). I suppose someone will (or has) come up with an alternative but Pluto should never have been demoted, in my opinion. I’m behind our movement all the way!

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