Curmudgeon’s Pub


I don’t get out much.  Why should I since all is do is complain about what I encounter?  I got to thinking that, lazy soul that I am, why don’t I get the complaints to come to me?

So I decided to start a pub.  What could be more patriotic in the US of A than a good, old-fashioned European pub?


But a pub needs a pub sign and I need your help.  Boy, do I need your help.

I wrote a previous post about clever London Pub Signs.  Plagiarism never stopped me in the past but I think that – with your help – I can produce a set as good or better than those.  Here’s one seen on a pub sign in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Here are my pitiful efforts:








Yeah, they suck.  Can you do better?  I certainly think so.  Please help an old curmudgeon.

What would you put on the Curmudge’s Pub sign?

20 thoughts on “Curmudgeon’s Pub

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  2. Escape real life for happiness – join us for a beer.

    (I stole these two) Today’s Special: Buy any two drinks, pay for both

    Free Beer, Topless Bartenders, & False Advertising

  3. I just finished a 50-minute tour of my son’s college in 90-degree heat, so I have no original thought left. All I know is a cold beer in any of your signed pubs sounds really good right now…

  4. Boy, Curmie, you got me with this one, and your previous post. It has all been said. I was forced to my Algonquin cocktail menu book for some of the past:

    From an 1806 American newspaper item:

    Cocktail is a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters — it is vulgarly called battered sling and is supposed to be an excellent electioneering potion.

    From something in 1935:

    Everything’s fast nowadays . . . take the Modern Woman for instance: she has on her men the same effect of the Modern Drink: first she stuns them, then she excites them, and, after a time, she evaporates, leaving them alone in the morning with an empty mind and a strong headache.

    From Tom Brokow in the NYT, proposing an alternative presidential debate:

    They both come to my house. We serve them a Martini. And we have an exchange between the two.

    From James Thurber:

    One Martini is alright, two is too many, three is not enough.

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