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A long time ago, I got blog-tagged.  I answered the 11 questions posed as part of the “blog-tag experience” but did not create a new set to pass on to 11 people.

So here’s your chance.  I am listing my set of questions and letting anyone who reads this post answer as many or as few as they please.  Please place your answers in the comments section.


  1. Time travel becomes possible.  You cannot go back in time and change history but you are allowed to time-travel and live at another time in history.  What era would you choose?
  2. a) Paper or plastic; b) aisle or window; c) boxers or briefs; d) convertible or coupe; e) rich and dull or creative, inspiring and poor?
  3. You have forgotten the birthday/anniversary/special occasion of someone very close and remember it only at the last possible moment.  What do you do?
  4. If you could be someone else, who would you be?
  5. By entering a few personal bits of information about yourself, the death clock will tell the day on which you will die.  (I entered the information about myself and discovered that I had been dead for twelve and a half years).  Would you prefer to know or not know in advance the date of your death?
  6. What is your favorite place on earth?
  7. What inspires you?
  8. Describe yourself as a color, a fragrance, a sound, and a texture.
  9. Imagine that you are a writer of fiction (for those of you who are not writers of fiction).  Could you write accurately about a topic that you find repugnant like rape, child molestation or animal abuse?  (If you don’t find these repugnant, then go to another blog – now!)
  10. What would you put on a vanity plate?  (If you do not own a car, then what would you put on your bike, canoe or just wear around your neck?)
  11. What is the hardest question for you to ask someone else?

16 thoughts on “Blog Tag 4 U

  1. 1: I would go back 30 days before the last winning lottery and contact the future winner, give that person the winning numbers under secret contract for 20% of the winnings. (History not changed)

    2: convertible or coupe because I win either way.

    3: By them dinner

    4: Superman

    5: I would like to know but only if God told me. (You can’t trust the internet)

    6: In front of an apple pie, a good steak and a shot of whiskey.

    7: Philosophy, God, and good food.

    8: Black, mint, scream, silk

    9: Yes, I could write about it. We can do hard things.

    10: CENSORD

    11: Do you know the difference between Fact and conjecture?

  2. 1) Hmmm. Traveling in time? Assuming I could take my nursing knowledge back in time with me, I would probably go back to the Victorian area in the U.S. I am not sure that I would want a visible role, but just interacting with people. There is something very fascinating about that time. Science and imagination had a much closer relationship, and womens’ underwear was rather complicated. =)
    2 a) Paper ; b) aisle; c) boxers ; d) convertible e) creative, inspiring and poor?
    3) I would discretely tell them that I forgot to bring it, then finish the evening at the party. Shopping would quickly ensue, and the gift would be as personal as possible.
    4) I like being me. I don’t want to be anyone else.
    5) I do not want to know the date of my death.
    6) Chincoteague, VA…..but only during Summer. Fall and Winter, I would like to be in a cabin…in the woods…with plenty of coffee, firewood, supplies, etc.
    7) What inspires me? Music. Art. Creativity. Humor.
    8) I am sky blue. I am endless. I am everywhere. I am opportunity. Could you write accurately about a topic that you find repugnant like rape, child molestation or animal abuse? No. I don’t mind dwelling in dark places to write fiction, but I don’t like to put my mind into those roles where people are that unhinged from reality.
    9) What would you put on a vanity plate? I have a vanity plate of one of my knicknames. I am not sharing it.
    10 ) What is the hardest question for you to ask someone else? Hmmm. What did I do wrong?

  3. 1. I’d like to live in the United States with the native Americans before the first white settlers…to see the world they saw and understand their beliefs.
    2. paper, aisle, none or neither, coupe, creative and rich (preferably)
    3. Call them
    4. My maternal grandmother
    5. I don’t care to know the day I’m going to die. I’d worry about it, plan for it, obsess about it.
    6. Wilburton, OK
    7. Great photography
    8. Blue, jasmine, a drum, and a soft cotton.
    9. Don’t think so. Those are not experiences I have had, so not certain I could write accurately about them.
    10. sunny
    11. Will you shut up?

  4. Just out of curiosity, what is the female equivalent of curmudgeon? I’m just starting my blog (whatever that means) and I need a new handle. If I had testes, I would be curmmudgeonous. Darned spell check.

  5. 1) Time Travel? The future. Say…..35 years. I cannot wait to find out what happens to this generation of selfie taking, tweeting, facebook posting, video playing, thumb cramping youngsters and how it influences how they raise THEIR children.
    2) Plastic, Aisle, Neither, Rich & Dull (I wouldn’t mind seeing how the Donald feels)
    3) Call them and make up something on the fly
    4) Anthony Hopkins (Because He’s HOT, and I can stay home all day with him in the sack) – oh, and with the with the personality of #7 below = ahhh life is good.
    5) Apparently, I died last year. I TOLD you I didn’t feel very good.
    I would have liked to have known, but since I’m worm food already it doesn’t matter. (I wish I had passed on that second helping now)
    6) The Desert
    7) Positive People. There is nothing like being around someone who sees the best in everyone and treats everyone as though they were the most important person on the planet.
    8) Blue, Rose, Wind, Rough
    9) No. I could not write accurately. I would just be too angry.
    10) NOBAMA
    11) Do you like me?

  6. Time travel becomes possible. 1850
    a) Paper b) window; c) briefs; d) coupe; e) inspiring and poor?
    You have forgotten the birthday. Tell them I forgot, let’s do it tomorrow/next week.
    If you could be someone else, Tina Turner?
    I think I will know the date of my death before I die, but I don’t need to know now. I do believe I am already dead, too, according the them.
    What is your favorite place on earth? Right here at home.
    What inspires you? Music, sunset, nature.
    Describe yourself as a color, a fragrance, a sound, and a texture. Turquoise, jasmine, clarinet, velvet.
    Could you write accurately about a topic that you find repugnant like rape, child molestation or animal abuse? If I had to but I would not choose those topics. I don’t think. But I might….
    What would you put on a vanity plate? S1m TA
    What is the hardest question for you to ask someone else? Why are you such a ratbag?

  7. 1. I wouldn’t commit to living there, but I’d love to take a peek forward a few hundred years, then forward a few thousand years; and back about 150 million years to around the middle of the Mesozoic Period, then forward again to a couple of million years ago when hominids started showing up… and then home to ‘now’ for a comfy chair and a nice snack that I didn’t have to kill myself!
    2. a) depends on what I’m packaging; b) depends on the aircraft; c) depends on the guy; d) depends on the weather; e) depends on how hungry I am.
    3. Call them.
    4. No, thank you.
    5. I’d prefer to know. Tends to focus one’s priorities…
    6. My garden in the middle of the country.
    7. Everything, both good and bad. Sometimes it’s “I want to be/do that!”; other times it’s “I never want to be/do that!”.
    8. Swirls of yellow and green; the smell of balsam poplar in the spring; a barbershop quartet, ragtime, and boogie-woogie; furry.
    9. Yes, I could; but I don’t.
    10. BEWARE
    11. Depends on the person; but I’ll ask whatever needs to be asked.

  8. I’ll answer a couple of them as I’m too devastated to do more.
    I would travel back to the early seventeenth century, merely to answer a question or two… and I only have 26 more years left to live… mind you, I didn’t answer the Death Clock’s questions correctly so it may not be accurate… oh, and would dull and creative count?

  9. Prehistoric cave man days.
    Creative, inspiring and poor.
    It’s never happened.
    My Personal Day of Death is… Friday, June 27, 2064
    I would prefer to know.
    Near water.
    Creativity and art.
    Translucent, intriguing, quiet and occasionally bumpy.
    Bite me.
    I have no shame. I’ll ask anybody anything.

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