Blissful Couple

The internet supplies me with an endless source of warped amusement.  Valentine’s Day provided an excuse to exercise it.

I saw the following picture – attached to some inane article – and instantly came up with…

Here’s a typical couple enjoying a quiet afternoon at their home.



Or are they?


This couple may be experiencing some difficulties when she thinks:


… and



While he thinks:







Or D)




So what have we learned from these possible scenarios?

  1. Looks are deceiving.
  2. Hockey is back!
  3. Buy low, sell high.
  4. Who’s Roy?
  5. Yet another example that, no matter what the man is thinking, he is still wrong!!



17 thoughts on “Blissful Couple

  1. …or maybe there’s a naked hockey player brandishing his stick and a fistful of stock certificates just off the right side of the photo. Otherwise I can’t imagine our guy sustaining that level of concentration.

    • Q: Why is she sitting like that? A: To get attention, perhaps?
      Q: And what is she planning to put in that big bowl? A: Bits of her significant other?
      Q: Is she going to capture and sacrifice Roy to Ikea, the Goddess of White Sofas? A: I had no idea that’s how you get white sofas.

      • Well, a more polite way to get attention would be to engage her chap in a conversation about hockey – then maybe she wouldn’t feel the need to disembowel him and ruin that nice bowl. And beware Ikea if you ever fancy a White Sofa – you have to make a sacrifice of at least six other pieces of furniture and an instruction booklet two inches thick to appease her. She’s a cruel mistress 🙂

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