If you can’t improve your health OR your writing, then…


..you end up at WalMart, of course.

Fred, an otherwise rational adult male, foolishly believes that he will find what he needs at his local WalMart.  He realizes his mistake when he gets trapped in Aisle 6 – Depends, Tampons, Bandaids, rubbing alcohol, printing ink…

Frantic calls from his cellphone brings, in succession, his family, friends, members of the constabulary, Food and Drug Enforcement officials, the World Wrestling Entertainment federation, a SWAT team and even nuclear disarmament forces. Every attempt to rescue him fails as each group, in turn, becomes a WalMartian!

There is little I can add to these disturbing pictures except to say that evidence of alien life is closer than you can imagine.




18 responses to “If you can’t improve your health OR your writing, then…

  1. Hahaha

  2. Words fail me. Unfortunately, my eyes are working all too well.

  3. It takes all kinds. What kind they are, I’m not sure. 😉

  4. Scary!

  5. Remind me to not read you before bed!

    I was in a Walmart years ago. I asked one of the salesclerks if they had a food section. She sent me to aisle B4 — the candy aisle. No wonder the folks in your pictures look like they do!

  6. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then I’m on overload from this post. Wow!!! My WalMart doesn’t bear any resemblance to these photos.

  7. Excellent collection. All from your Wal Mart?

  8. I see what you did there. I wonder if anyone else will figure out which picture you’re in!!! 😜

  9. Oh dear, that’s a reality show just waiting to happen.

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