A Statue for The Donald

According to CNN, “Donald Trump may have just clinched the delegates necessary for the GOP nomination, but he already has his sights on a larger prize — immortality in the nation’s capital.  Trump — who made his wealth in part from the branding of his name — said he wouldn’t mind seeing his surname on a statue in Washington, D.C., one day.”

With this thought in mind, your obliging curmudgeon has prepared a statue befitting The Donald complete with a motto:


The Donald Trump: Yet Another Horse’s Ass in Washington.

18 responses to “A Statue for The Donald

  1. Have you seen this? “A Child’s First Book of Trump” by Michael Ian Black? funny and sad at the same time.

  2. Leave it to the King of Curmudgeon World to find the perfect statue!

  3. As a Canadian, the only idea of Trump’s that’s sounded good is the wall between Canada and the U.S. If he gets into power, we’ll help to build it: https://youtu.be/sCyzdD0vYOw

  4. Very appropriate – a fitting monument. But shouldn’t it be orange?

  5. Kinda hard to tell the height of this appropriate monument, but I assume it is at least 50 feet high. Anything less just wouldn’t do.

  6. Close, but a more accurate depiction would be the pile of manure just underneath that.

  7. You are awesome, Curmudgeon!

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