National Parks trip – Yellowstone

A favorite saying goes “If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.”  I believe that Yellowstone has all other locations beat.  After the Grand Tetons, we made our way from the Jackson Lake Lodge to Old Faithful Inn.  The first picture shows the snowy, overcast weather we encountered and the traffic jam caused by a motorist’s car stuck in the snow.  A helpful park ranger got the motorist unstuck.  After arriving at Old Faithful, we decided to drive up to Mammoth Hot Springs and the second picture shows the snowless drive.  Same day, different weather patterns.

Yellowstone is too fascinating to cover in just a few pictures.  Over 3 million visitors go each year and most of them, I suspect, make the trek to the Old Faithful Inn and Old Faithful geyser.

Both are worth the stop but there are more geysers than just Old Faithful.  In fact, within a single square mile around Old Faithful are half the geysers on the planet.  There are also fumeroles, hotsprings and mudpots in the park.  A few days are not enough time to see all the wonders of Yellowstone but we did manage to see Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, West Thumb, Lamar Valley, Upper and Lower Falls and Grand Prismatic Spring.


[Next up is a brief stop at the Copper King Mansion on the way to Glacier National Park.]

5 thoughts on “National Parks trip – Yellowstone

  1. Yellowstone is indeed worth seeing. We took a tour there about 10 years ago. My lasting impression is of learning that it is a “supervolcano” that has erupted about every 600,000 years. It has been 630,000 years since the last one. Yipes.

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