I am a curmudgeon; a crusty, ill-tempered old man.

I am a curmudgeon-at-large because I will bellyache, complain, crab and whine about any subject at all.

Got a gripe?  Want me to complain about something?  Then send me a comment and I will give it the attention it deserves.

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  2. Of course, as you know, my intent was to make humorous fun of the terms that other bloggers use to get to my blog. What was rather shocking and alarming was that the term overwhelmed second place by nearly two-to-one!

    • Shocking and more than a little sick. I’m a pretty liberal thinker, but that, well, that is beyond the pale. Hey, really enjoying your recent columns. Seems to me you’ve found your voice. Good job, my friend. HF

  3. I’m putting my search term comment here, because, honest to goodness, your “sex with animals” got your blog blocked at my office. Incredible that these people are not opened minded. Oh, well, enjoyed the blog, as usual. HF

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  5. Oh, I love this blog and you … I want to have your babies! Or at least I would if my back wasn’t so bad and I didn’t have a gammy knee and my own private curmudgeon indoors. Plus I’ve grown out of all that unseemliness.

    Anyhoo, you got a ‘Follow’ out of me … and believe me I’m preeeeettty choosy about who I follow. Luckily I adore blokes that moan, I have to, in a self-preservation sort of way.

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  7. Thanks so much for stopping by Gallivance to read Those Bodacious Baltic Beasties. Love your post on Freshly Impressed. Anyone who says “Whoa Nellie” gets our vote! Keep the crankiness comin’!
    All the Best, Terri and James Vance

  8. Dear Curmudgeon. Le Clown says you a miserable old bugger. Well, he didn’t actually say that. He said that he was proud to have you as part of his entourage. But the feeling I get is that you ARE a miserable old bugger. You said it yourself. I am still happy to meet you!

  9. I am by no means a curmudgeon, but I love curmdgeons, and I make it my business to charm them out of their curmudgeonlieness in real life, even if only for a fleeting moment.

  10. Really thrilled to have come across your blog. I too, am a world class curmudgeon. Have you read any of the Jon Winokur books about curmudgeons, their quotes, philosophies etc?

    Keep on keeping on.

    From a fellow grouch.

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  12. Add to your”new and improved” Dantes circle: Cell Phone Talkers. These are the people who subject you to their side of the conversation in stores, waiting rooms and movie theaters. Especially egregious are the ones who talk on their cell phones in restaurants – worse if they happen to be your dining partner!

      • I must confess to having imaginary cell phone conversations in public places with my cell phone off. It’s amazing how much fun it can be to say the most outlandish things, while watching expressions thru sunglasses…

        “No, John… it won’t fall off… no, I’m sure the rash will heal… well don’t rub the lotion in so much and that won’t happen…”

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