Le Clown – The Nuclear Option

Well, folks, this is it. It’s the last post that I will make in this eternal, nefarious, diabolical contest put on by A Clown on Fire.

Tomorrow, back to regular programming.

Today, one last desperate effort to retain points – my sanity is long gone – in this preposterous Promethean effort.

I am losing ground and have no choice but to go for it all – the nuclear option. I threatened to reveal webcams photos of Le Clown if necessary and since my “dare” in today’s Dare and Question contest went over like a screen door on a submarine, I am left with reckless measures. You asked for this, Le Clown:


It is finished! (…but I may have improved your love life.)

A Photo-Clown Finish

Once again, I interrupt my irregularly scheduled posts to announce that I am wickedly addicted to this blogroll contest on A Clown on Fire.  I used to be a normal, grouchy, half-baked crusty bastard who fondly remembers spending his weekends yelling at neighbors and spitting invectives at young kids and pets.

Now look what I’m reduced to:


How badly am I chained to this contest?  So much so that I have allowed Le Clown and his sidekicks to lure me into the final round of competition by asking that I put a photo on my blog linked back to Le Clown.

These lame adventures of a giraffe on rollers gives me no fear of weebles, but I still feel under the spell of a ringmistress.

What, pray tell, do I gain by “winning” this contest?  No less than an honored place on Le Clown’s blogroll!!

How much do I covet this spot?  The pictures tell it all:

Me without a spot on Le Clown’s blogroll:

Me with a place on Le Clown’s blogroll:

So visit his damned blog and wish me Godspeed, my friends, wish me Godspeed!

A Post on Fire Blogroll Contest

I interrupt my irregularly scheduled posts to announce that, for reasons I cannot quite explain, I decided to participate in a blogroll contest on A Clown on Fire.  Le Clown – or Magnificent Le Clown as he calls himself – created a very clever self-marketing campaign by asking readers to vie for inclusion in his blogroll.  One of the conditions was to write about Le Clown and to refer back to his blog.

Now, normally, I would not have given a rat’s patootie about such a contest and gone back to sleep but the sheer audacity – and brilliance – of this move of self-aggrandizement intrigued me.  Moreover, he’s on to something because he’s getting more views than ever as a result of his contest.

Hence, today’s post.

A Clown on Fire is off-the-wall funny, irreverent, clever, competitive, hyper-kinetic and worth the time to browse through.  He may also be loyal, brave, trustworthy and all those other boy scout virtues but he’s Canadian so he has to be whatever the Canadian equivalent is – a Royal Mounted Canadian Police kid or a Moose-boy or something like that.  He is also very open about his and his family’s issues – more so than I can ever be – but he does all of this under the guise of his alter ego – Le Clown.

Now I don’t have time and the skill to come up with a video or an animated flaming clown – Le Clown will provide that stuff anyway – but here is my request:

Visit the post on A Clown of Fire’s blogroll contest, scroll down to my entry (or just clik here) and vote for me by replying to my entry with the word “LIKE.”

With luck, I’ll stay awake long enough to see how the contest ends.