One Lovely Blog Award

I was recently and quite unexpectedly nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award by craftcrazygran.

I have been associated with many terms in my life but up to now lovely is not one of them.  The nomination so astonished me that it has taken this long to respond.

So I need to:

  1. Thank the person who nominated me and link back to them in my post;
  2. Pop the award up on my blog;
  3. Write down seven random facts about myself and
  4. Give the award to (up to 15) other bloggers and notify them of the award.

Craftcrazygran hails from South Africa and has tried every craft except sewing money into garments and power drinking.  (Yes, I know that power drinking is not a craft: It’s an art.)  Thank you for the award craftcrazygran.

Here’s the award:

Here are my seven random facts:

  1.  I had to join a union to get a summer job so technically I was once a teamster.
  2. I love the idea of traveling but hate travel.
  3. At different times in my life, I owned a Jaguar XK and a Plymouth Valiant.  I think that these two vehicles cannot exist side by side.
  4. I have never seen a ghost, had an out-of-body experience or been abducted by aliens.  Actually, I may have been abducted by aliens and they patched up the experience so thoroughly that I don’t realize it.
  5. I was educated as a physicist but haven’t phizzed in decades.
  6. I’m addicted to puns, limericks and dirty jokes.
  7. I have an exceedingly dry sense of humor.

And here are my other blogger recipients, all of whom I consider “lovely”:

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I would have added Harper Faulkner ( but he is on a brief blogging hiatus.

They are all worth a visit.