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Hurricane Sandy Damage

I have relatives who now live in northern New Jersey.  Thankfully, neither they nor their home suffered damage from Hurricane Sandy, although they experienced power outages and gas rationing.

The town in which they live did not have too much damage either – mainly tree damage – but towns within a couple of miles are in very bad shape. Those close to the water have had very serious damage.

Here are a couple of pictures they took right after the storm. They were taken from the town of Rumson, looking over the bridge on the Shrewsbury River, into the beachfront town of Sea Bright, which sustained major damage.

The open space looking through to the ocean is the former site of a beach club in Sea Bright:

Water front damage on the Rumson side of the Shrewsbury River:

Waterfront home damage on Sea Bright side of the Shrewsbury River:

Beached sailboat on west side of Shrewsbury River: