Here are some blogs I like.

As a Curmudgeon, it might be more appropriate to say that I disapprove of these blogs less than others.  Periodically, I change the list to add new ones and   remove those that have either gone away or marked themselves as private.

The Usual Suspects:

A Frank Angle Carrie Rubin Diane Henders
Just Making Convo Crabby Old Fart sillyliss
Lame Adventures The Mercenary Researcher Margo Karolyi
Madame Weebles PiedType The Sandwich Lady
List of X A Gripping Life Brother Jon
idiotprufs Speaker7 Roller Giraffe
Book Club Babe Invisible Mikey Jim Wheeler
Skintickler Lynette D’arty-Cross Elyse
 Margie  Nurse Kelly Ksbeth
Ben’s Bitter Blog Robin Coyle  
morristownmemos misslisted  
Signals to Attend Tracy Fulks irunibreathe


Crafts, Photography & Travel:

A drifter off to see the world Canada Hiking Photos Cleverly Recycled Art
craftcrazygran gallivance Serendipitous
Stories from Home    

4 responses to “Blogrolls

  1. I did wipe my feet especially since the snow melt left a muddy swamp behind.
    Your blog interests me because you put so much into it, and being new to blogging, I’m checking out what others are doing. I promise not to steal but I thank you for giving me some ideas.

  2. Nice blog you got! Would you like to check out mine? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I would be glad to know what’s on your mind!

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