Here are some blogs I like.

As a Curmudgeon, it might be more appropriate to say that I disapprove of these blogs less than others.  Periodically, I change the list to add new ones and remove those that have either gone away or marked themselves as private.

The Usual Suspects; They’re all guilty!

A Frank Angle Carrie Rubin Diane Henders
PiedType Jim Wheeler idiotprufs
Lame Adventures The Mercenary Researcher Margo Karolyi
List of X Elyse The Sandwich Lady
Ksbeth A Gripping Life Lynette D’arty-Cross
 Margie morristownmemos Nurse Kelly
Book Club Babe Invisible Mikey  Robin Coyle
Signals to Attend Andrew Reynolds Relax…
Lynn Love The Good Greatsby  
Speaker7 Madame Weebles  Skintickler
 Just Making Convo  Crabby Old Fart


Crafts, Photography & Travel:

Canada Hiking Photos gallivance Road Trip Photography
craftcrazygran Stories from Home

6 thoughts on “Blogrolls

  1. Stumbled on this site browsing to distract me from a bad cold. Perfect!
    Given the subject of this site, do you or anyone else remember who wrote the Curmudgeon column for the sadly gone National Observer that stopped publication in 1977? That was my first exposure to cumudgeonness as an art form…

    • No, I do not but you have piqued my interest without raising my ire.
      I will inform you if I find out because, to steal a phrase from, “I’m not satisfied until you’re not satisfied.”

  2. I did wipe my feet especially since the snow melt left a muddy swamp behind.
    Your blog interests me because you put so much into it, and being new to blogging, I’m checking out what others are doing. I promise not to steal but I thank you for giving me some ideas.

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